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Much of the business world evolves around left-brain technical skills, knowledge and expertise. In today’s fast paced and mashed-up world, business’s need to move beyond pure knowledge and expertise and evoke more right-brain skills. Our goal is to build and maintain effective partnerships with Business and Engineering teams through inspirational and creative approaches.

We work with our clients to identify business needs and leverage technology to drive innovation. The TD Group values creative problem solving and non-linear thinking, we synthesize dissimilar and diverse ideas together for better solutions. We strive to develop effective business strategies and foster alignment toward objectives. We value creativity and innovation as one of the most important leadership qualities our consultants provide.

innovation and strategy

Our Innovation and Strategy Consultants bring both strategic and tactical expertise to our projects as we work across multidisciplinary project teams.

Our Competencies Include

business strategy

An indbusiness consultingpendent third party can keep an open mind and offer opinions that might not otherwise be heard. We take the time to understand the “as is” and “to be” and then work with you to define the people, process(s) and technologies that will get you there.

consumer insight

microphoneThese are your prospects and customers. Are they happy with you? Do you have a way to collect their feedback and opinions? We can help you gather, manage and analyze this information for customer service and business intelligence.

employee feedback

iconthere is nothing more valuable that what your employees have to say. If you listen to them you’ll get the great ideas and details that will keep you ahead of your competition!

culture and organizational development

open-postionsWhen you’re focused on the bottom line it’s easy to lose site of your organization’s needs. We can help you create new programs that create incentives and foster teamwork within your organization and projects.

new product/idea development

ideasSo it’s your vision…but it’s half baked. We can ask the right questions to help you further define and complete your vision. Not a visionary? No problem….we’ve got tons of good ideas. Need us to build it? Need us to maintain it? From the front to the back to the cloud we’ve got you covered!

strategic planning

strategyFail to plan, plan to fail…it’s an age old saying that makes great sense. Let The TD Group help you with your forecasting and planning.


marketingThe TD Group can assist you with your Inbound and Outbound Marketing needs. We will work with your to understand you audience and goals and then tailor an approach to meet your needs.

project management

consultingOur project management approach includes AGILE methodology and a proven release process model. The combination allows for an iterative approach to project management and critical documentation for project posterity.

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